Hope's Study Buddy

Standards Based Learning

Hope’s Study Buddy courses provide virtual learning opportunities that are based on current teaching standards and review math and science concepts. Whether it is reviewing material from the previous year or supplementing your child’s current curriculum, Hope’s Study Buddy courses can help stimulate learning. Each module includes short, easily obtainable lessons based on Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s work, an at home activity, and provide your student with opportunities to relate classroom learning with real world marine science applications. Purchase individual modules or take advantage of bundle pricing for the grade or subject.

Stimulate Learning

  • Standards Based

    Hope's Study Buddy lessons are directly related to learning standards and are focused on one topic at a time for easy comprehension.

  • Engaging Curriculum

    Participants explore math and science as they engage in marine science based curriculum.

  • Supplement

    Supplement current learning or review concepts from the previous year.