Program Description

Group Program for K-5th learners

Learn about turtle anatomy, behavior and the differences between tortoises, water turtles and sea turtles. Understand their unique adaptations and commonalities, and learn about the sea turtles that call CMA home, and the work we do as a marine animal hospital to save these endangered species. Find out what makes these shelled reptiles so special.

Program Information

  • Groups

    Need to supplement your curriculum or want to include a virtual field trip to your existing program? CMA’s group programs are the perfect solution.

  • Content

    Content is available for 24-hours after purchase and can be accessed multiple times. This program includes interactive presentations, lessons from CMA biologists, videos, downloadable content, and activities.

  • Live Session

    Upgrade and customize your experience by scheduling a live session with a Clearwater Marine Aquarium biologist.

Pricing options

Upgrade your learning experience with a live session. Contact to schedule your the session before booking.

Course Content

  • 1

    How to use this Course

    • How to Use This Course

  • 2

    Sea Turtles

    • Turtles, Tortoises, and Sea Turtles

    • Sea Turtles of the World

    • Lets Make A Sea Turtle

    • Test Your Memory

    • Kirby's Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release

    • The Life Cycle Story

    • Checkpoint: Sea Turtle Nesting

    • Order the Cycle

    • Saving Hatchlings

    • Sea Turtle Story Time

    • Ocean Blue Crew Newsletter-Sea Turtle Nesting

    • Sea Turtle Egg Activity

    • Access LIVE session here (upgrade available)