Program Description

Homeschool & Independant

Become a part of Clearwater Marine Aquarium's Team Rescue. Learn about our rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts of marine animals.

Program Information

  • Homeschool and Individual Learners

    Interested in marine life conservation and learning more about how Clearwater Marine Aquarium saves marine life. This self-paced course is the perfect solution.

  • Content

    Content is available for 24-hours after purchase and can be accessed multiple times. This program includes interactive presentations, lessons from CMA biologists, videos, downloadable content, and activities.

  • Live Session

    Upgrade and customize your experience by scheduling a live session with a Clearwater Marine Aquarium biologist.

Pricing options

Upgrade your learning experience with a live session. Contact to schedule the live session before booking.

Course Content

  • 1

    How to Use This Course

    • How to Use This Course

  • 2

    Clearwater Marine Aquarium's Work

    • A Working Marine Animal Hospital

    • Pilot Whale Rescue

    • Protecting the Marine Environment

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Saving Sea Turtles

    • Sea Turtle Conservation

    • Dolphin Rescues and Residents

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Rescue Stories Recap

    • Protecting Otters

    • Otter Fun Facts

    • You Otter Know

    • Ocean Blue Crew Newsletter